5 T-Shirt Styling Tips: Autumn Edition

It’s time to dig out those abandoned T-shirts and style them up!

The UK has a problem: the average Brit will spend more than £500 on clothes every year, but won’t even wear a third of them! Your closet is probably filled to the brim with clothes you kick aside every morning and refuse to wear out. Humans are creatures of habit, which also explains why you keep rotating between the same five shirts.

You’re certainly not alone, but your casual print and printed quote T-shirts deserve to be flaunted, too! If you’re indulging in fast fashion anyway (you shouldn’t, by the way), then style it up and try to make a fashion statement everywhere you go. These styling tips will help you do just that.

1.    Layer Up!

It can get pretty chilly out during autumn. You don’t have to compromise on comfort for the sake of fashion or vice versa. You can simply just layer up!

Pair your casual print T-shirt with a flannel plaid shirt, fuzzy cardigan, faux leather jacket, or hoodie. Pristine white T-shirts with printed quotes on them go perfectly well with dark-tone upper layers.

2.    Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

It’s time to reach into your drawers and dust off those beanies!

Chilly weather is all about bundling yourself up like a burrito. Pair your casual print T-shirt with a fluffy scarf, single-toned knitted beanie, and your favorite cardigan. If it’s a little too cold, wear some matching winter gloves, too.

3.    Play with Bright Colors

Autumn is the transition from bright summers to gloomy winters. It’s the perfect time to play around with funky colors!

You can keep your T-shirts plain and casual, but go wild with the outer layers and accessories. Pair a plain white T-shirt with a bright red, blue, or even green jacket. Add a matching or contrasting hat to complete the look.

4.    Mix Some Patterns

Pattern-mixing is a choice only the daring make, but it’s so worth it!

Invest in some patterned cardigans or winter accessories to go with your casual T-shirt. You can pair a printed quotes T-shirt with a leopard print cardigan, striped scarf, or polka dot beanie. Mixing a bunch of patterns in the same outfit can be daunting, but fashion is all about being eccentric, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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