6 Steps To Take Towards Gender Equality

Women have fewer opportunities, rights and access to resources otherwise enjoyed by men. WEF notes that it’ll take 100 years to bridge gender inequality based on the current pace.

 A close-up shot of two women

Daunting, right? Luckily, you can expedite the process of eradicating this disparity by taking active action against gender inequality. It’s time to be more aware of the inequality and the deep-rooted discrimination that takes shape in the form of homophobia, racism and xenophobia.

Let’s start with easy steps:

1.   Engage Girls/Women in Conversation

Instead of mansplaining feminism, gender equality and any simple terms to women, let them take charge of the conversation. Let women take up discussion forums and speak.

We’re lagging in achieving gender equality because women’s voices are suppressed. Talk to them and listen to them actively.

2.   Make Gender-Sensitive Education

Quality education is a basic right for everyone. But while access to education has increased over time, the progress pertaining to gender sensitivity is bleak. Work towards promoting positive stereotypes in textbooks to encourage gender-sensitive discussions and inclusion.

3.   Empower Moms

It is simple: the more educated are the mothers, the more empowered they are to make their life choices. Instead of dictating women and their life choices by assuming that they’re gullible little creatures who lack decision-making faculty, empower them!

Support mothers and watch them take the best decisions. This will also benefit their children because empowered women will give birth to empowered daughters and raise sons who understand the menace of gender disparity.

4.   Say Yes to More Women In Power

The lack of representation and many men sitting in powerful positions making decisions for women is what is wrong with the world. More women should assume roles in government, politics, policymaking and legislation.

This is one of the quickest ways to increase their participation and bridge the gender gap. Women can work as change champions in those positions with a new perspective on the table.

5.   Don’t Backlash

When women “trespass” places and positions traditionally held by men, it’s followed by penalties. Beware of the backlash in the form of violence, sexual harassment and humiliation.

6.   Donate! Donate!

Donate to charities and stores that support a cause. These platforms raise funds and make donations from the proceeds of each purchase you make.

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