6 Ways to Celebrate Pride Throughout the Year

These days, you can either virtually celebrate the festivities from home or go out the old-fashioned way during the month of international LGBTQ+ celebration and recognition.

However, the question is how can we do better to celebrate pride throughout the year? Truth be told, Love Wins T-shirts for charity and rainbow-colored flags won’t mean much if our support and commitment for equality lasted just 30 days.

So, let us discuss a few ways to celebrate pride for 365 days in order to provide consistent support to the communities.

1.  Attending Events

There’s no shortage of events throughout the month but why stop there? You can look for a panel discussion, take part in a parade or even a charity event to support the LGBTQ+ community. These happen throughout the year, so you don’t have to wait till June.


2.  Supporting Local LGBTQ+ Businesses

You can try to support more people of colour, female and LGBTQ+ owned businesses in your local community.This is a great way to show different businesses and communities that you share and support their values. You can also contact your local chamber of commerce for a list of LGBTQ+ companies or check a business diversity directory.

3.  Volunteering And Donating

Several organizations are making a big difference for the LGBTQ+ community by fighting for their rights. You can show your support to their efforts by donating, buying fundraising t-shirts online, and volunteering to help advance the cause.

4.  Listening To LGBTQ+ Voices

Whether you’re listening to someone receiving and implementing feedback or about someone’s journey to becoming a better ally, listening to LGBTQ+ voices is essential. Otherwise, without any space to learn and discuss issues, we won’t be taking any action in the future.

5.  Speaking Up

Regardless of gender, race, or sexual identity, for continuing the movement of equality we all need to speak up. This is particularly important if we hear or see anything that isn’t loving or respecting everyone.

6.  Learning To Be a Better Ally

Becoming an ally is a lifelong commitment and you’ll get to grow, learn and improve your ability to stand up for others. This will help you be more supportive and take a stand for the LGBTQ+ communities.

A rainbow-coloured flag

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