Hydration: Why It’s So Important

Whether you’re tired, anxious, or have a headache, people will tell you to drink water. But why is that? Doctors often recommend people to drink around 8 glasses of water a day, and while the science behind it is shaky, it’s still important for you to stay hydrated for all of these different reasons:

It helps maximizes your physical performance

Your physical performance can suffer if you’re not well-hydrated, especially during periods of high heat or intense exercise. You can undergo noticeable effects of dehydration even if you lose only 2% of the water content in your body. Trained athletes often lose up to 10% of their water weight through sweat.

This leads to altered body temperature control, increased fatigue, and reduced motivation, which can make exercise much more challenging both mentally and physically.

It affects brain function and energy levels

Your level of hydration has a strong influence on your brain. According to studies, even mild hydration can hinder many different aspects of the brain. A fluid loss of around 1.4-1.6% in women and men, respectively, showed that it impaired both concentration and mood, as well as working memory. It also increased feelings of fatigue, anxiety, and the frequency of headaches.

It can help with constipation

A common issue that many people face is constipation—characterized by a difficulty in passing stool. Increasing your intake of fluids can help your body with its bowel movements, making it easier to relieve yourself. Mineral water is one of the best options available since sodium and magnesium in the water improve the consistency and frequency of bowel movements.

It prevents hangovers

Nothing’s worse than a hangover after a night of barhopping or partying with your friends. Alcohol makes you lose more water than what you’re taking in, leading to dehydration. While dehydration isn’t the actual cause of a hangover, it can worsen symptoms of fatigue, thirst, dry mouth, and headache.

The best way to reduce your impending hangover is to drink some water between the alcohol and have a big glass before going to bed.

A water bottle

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